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wellness matters!


The Living & Learning Communities (LLC) Wellness Matters! program is designed to provide a solid foundation for incoming freshmen to prepare you for your ultimate goal of Operation Graduation. We are committed to guiding you through a total wellness approach, including academic, career, physical, emotional, and financial components. We are excited about you being a HORNET, and we look forward to preparing you to be competitive in a global society and ready to embark on a bright future. 

The Wellness Matters program will be filled with engaging activities which foster interaction with faculty, staff, and peers to successfully guide you to Operation Graduation.

Academic Support 
ASU provides the support, resources, and tools needed for academic success. 


Fred Thomas, Jr.
Living & Learning Coordinator

Khyla Walker
Assistant Living & Learning Coordinator

Housing and Residence Life
John Garrick Hardy Center, C1.41                                          


Career Development 
A career assessment will guide you in choosing a major that utilizes your strengths and attributes. 

Physical and Emotional Health 
Join the engaging dialogue with your peers to maintain and be informed of a healthy lifestyle.

Financial Success 
Interactive seminars and resources help promote your financial success.