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office of Technology Services



The Office of Information Technology at Alabama State University is designed to help students, faculty and staff accomplish goals through the use of technology.

Our Mission

The Office of Information Technology facilitates research, enhances instruction, and supports administrative operations by providing quality leadership, services, and resources in information technology.

Our Vision

We are a responsive and responsible customer-centric organization that enables and empowers the University’s community to effectively accomplish their goals through the use of technology.

Our Goals

  • Our office ensures the quality of information technology services for all of the University community through expanded resources and infrastructure.
  • We will enhance the research mission of the University through technology innovations and expanded capabilities.
  • We enrich educational experiences through technology to promote student success and faculty excellence.
  • Our office engages with our community beyond the campus and build global initiatives.
  • We will establish an environment that supports the development of the technology organization.