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residence life & policies


The Office of Housing & Residence Life at Alabama State University strives to provide students with the best possible setting to enhance the total college experience. We have several important policies in place to simplify the process of obtaining housing, as well as to ensure a safe and fun environment once you’ve moved in. You may read our complete list of housing facts and policies or browse the following main topics:

ASU Guide to Campus Living Digital Handbook

Contractual Obligations

All students who reside in university residence halls are required to sign a contract for room and board and are obligated to observe the terms and conditions of that contract for the academic year. Permission to leave a residence hall while under contract is granted in extreme emergencies and only by Housing & Residence Life. If permission is granted, the student must withdraw properly by executing a withdrawal clearance through the Residence Life Office online portal. Upon withdrawal, full rent charges are assessed; the board is prorated. A breach of the contract exists whenever a student fails to maintain full-time student status.

Fee Deadlines

To ensure placement in a residential hall, it’s important to remember our fee deadlines. Normally, all spaces are reserved prior to the deadline dates. Admission to the University does not guarantee a room in a residence hall, so it’s important to apply early. To avoid disappointment, be sure to get your fee in before the following deadlines to be able to reserve your room: 

Room Reservations Disclaimer


To be considered for housing, an application must be received by the Office of Housing & Residence Life through the online process. Please note that by submitting this application, you are not guaranteed that you will receive on-campus housing. Due to an overwhelming demand for our very limited campus spaces, Alabama State University does not guarantee campus housing. You must also submit your $250 non-refundable room reservation fee ONLINE ONLY. Students may be reassigned a space or relocated without notice if unexpected circumstances may cause such changes in housing assignments.

Statement of Non Discrimination

University residence hall contracts are offered and assignments are made to university students on equal terms, without regard to race, religion, color, sex, disability, or national origin. The University operates no coeducational halls, but its separate residence halls for men and women provide facilities for some guest visitation options.

Fees & Payments

The required application fee must be paid before a room assignment is made. All residence hall fee payments for room and board are payable by the year, or the semester. In any instance, payment must be made online by way of the Housing Assignment Portal.


Meals, prepared under the direction of experienced food service personnel, are served in the dining hall in close proximity to each residence hall. Every effort is made to provide a balanced, high-quality diet for the students. The room and board contract includes three meals a day, except Saturday and Sunday when only two meals, brunch and dinner are served. If a student loses a meal card, a charge will be assessed for replacement. Students are responsible for the cost of meals when a card is misplaced or lost. The University does not provide temporary meal cards. Students who complete contractual residence hall agreements should have the understanding that it covers room and board. No exceptions will be made.

Freshman & Vehicles

First-year students living in on-campus housing may bring cars to campus. 

All students are required to purchase a parking decal from the Department of Public Safety.

Click the image below to visit the Campus Parking App. 

parking decal