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Days Off/Leave


Annual Leave
12 month employees only. Maximum accumulation 288 hours (36 days).

Service Years
5 or Less  Years
5 to 10 Years
10 to 20 Years
20 or More Years
Monthly Years
8 Hours
10 Hours
12 Hours
16 Hours
Bi-Weekly Years
 3.690 Hours
 4.620 Hours
 5.536 Hours
 7.384 Hours

Personal Leave
Nine (9) month and Ten (10) month faculty only. Employees earn one day and a half per semester for a total of three days per academic year. Personal leave days are non-accumulative. Personal leave days are not earned during the summer.

Sick Leave
Monthly employees accumulate eight (8) hours per month. Bi-Weekly employees accumulate 3.69 hours per pay period. Unused leave may be transferred to the Teachers’ Retirement System for service credit upon retirement.

Official University Holidays
Listed below are the official holidays observed by Alabama State University.

Thanksgiving Day and Day After
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (additional leave is granted at the discretion of ASU president and is announced in advance)
New Year's Day
Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day